Photography found me when I was training as a print journalist, fresh out of university. The visual side of my work began to make a big impression on my thinking and the direction I wanted to go. Picking up a camera for the first time since A-Level Art, the visual process felt natural and my passion to capture the world as I see, alongside my writing, began to develop.

It was inevitable I’d eventually end up on photography magazines, fusing both my writing and photography together. I was the editor-in-chief of Practical Photography Magazine for over 10 years before being cast adrift to sail the choppy waters of freelance life. I started Foto-Buzz, an online photography learning community I still run today, and began taking people on photo trips around the world – Africa, Cuba, Antarctica, Arctic, Iceland, France, and numerous other places. I continue to create a monthly Q&A article for Digital Camera Magazine, as well as producing many other features and articles.

I’m a bit of a photo generalist, but I do have a strong leaning to wildlife and travel photography – which I think is the broadest subject of all. To some extent, the subject doesn’t matter, it’s how you approach it in your own unique style the counts. That’s what I try to teach, alongside the important technical aspects of getting the most from your camera.

If I’m not out travelling with my camera, you’ll find me ruining my knees and elbows on the tennis court or, failing that, slapping oil paint onto a canvas in an attempt to be a tortured creative soul. I’m currently in my ‘Blue’ Period.

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